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1775 Pictures was founded by Marine Corps Veterans Jody Hart and Jonathan Ball.  "1775" Honors the birth of the United States Marine Corps at Tun Tavern in 1775. 


1775 Pictures is a production company with projects in Feature Films, Television, Branded Content, and Government Videos. 1775 Pictures hires military veterans who have transitioned into professional Actors, Stunt Performers, Film Crew, and editors.

Past Work
STREET THE MOVIE ( Official Trailer)
Stunt Stories Sizzle Reel
Camp Concussion
Call of Duty ENDOWMENT
GEO STORM - Mission 1
GEO STORM Mission 2
Mental Acuity Program - Short version
No Ignoring Teaser
Poet's War Trailer
New Projects
1775 Picture Operation Jericho.jpg
OPERTION JERICHO:  Action / War / Drama – Love Story - Military Veteran as Cast and Crew
Written by: Jonathan M. Ball & Jody Hart

LOGLINE: While serving in the United States Marine Corps, two Muslim-American brothers are recruited by the CIA to infiltrate a terrorist cell in Afghanistan; struggling in the knowledge that destroying the whole village to kill one man will mean the loss of innocent life and true love. 

CAST Letters of Intent: Bailey Chase, Mark Valley (Veteran), Tucker Smallwood (Veteran), Iman Nazemzadeh, Sammy Shiek, Sarah Kazemy, Fahim Fazli, Marco Khan, David Meadows (Veteran), Scott C. Roe (Veteran), Hiram A. Murray (Veteran), Ozzy Ramirez (Veteran), Kevin Caliber (Veteran), Michael Brodrick (Veteran), Leon Farmer (Veteran), James Taku Leung (Veteran), Brian Majestic (Veteran), Aswan Harris (Veteran), Shannon Corbeil (Veteran), Vana Bell (Veteran), Jack Kennedy (Veteran), Lisa Constanza (Veteran), Albert Thakur (Veteran), Abraham Justice. 

MARSOC web Poster.jpg
M.A.R.S.O.C: (Tv Series) One Hour War / Action / Drama – Spin-off from Operation Jericho.
Written by: Jonathan M. Ball & Jody Hart

LOGLINE: Special Agent Josh McKenzee, supported by a Marine MARSOC team, pursues Rami ibn Salih- the new leader of fringe Taliban forces operating in Afghanistan and surrounding territories. They navigate a world of clandestine warfare and hurdle political obstacles with the help of Hasim Sahar, a former MARSOC team member, who is going through a new period of self-discovery, hoping to bring peaceful stability to the region. 


THE CONCEPT: MARSOC came about as a continuation of the original film, Operation: Jericho, story line. MARSOC focuses on Special Forces Operators’ abilities to use tactics and strategy in battles and across the human terrain of foreign cultures. 


Operators must navigate the torrential fields of cultural differences, understanding VBBN: Values, Beliefs, Behaviors, and Norms of the people in multiple regions. In a battle space like Afghanistan, not only must they understand the throes of combat, but they must also consider micro-cultures and tribal conflicts within the country; each province holding its unique flavor of conflict. 


Beyond bombs and bullets, Josh McKenzee and the MARSOC Team will have to build relationships to gather mission-critical intelligence on Rami ibn Salih and his movements through the battlefield. Along with the difficulties realized in establishing rapport as a foreign invading force, the Marines are tasked for humanitarian aid and diplomatic missions. They face the internal struggle of being warriors forced out of the fight in the name of peace. They have to learn that sometimes the best way to win a war is to walk away from some losing battles. 

Chasing Hag Poster.jpg
CHASING HAG:  Drama / Music - Revenge
Written by: Jonathan M. Ball 

LOGLINE: A hard-edged cowgirl narrates her beautiful story through the heart and soul of Merle Haggard’s music as she takes on the rough and poisoned American Southwest, battling cancer and staying alive long enough to get revenge on the man who took her family from her. 

SYNOPSIS: 1984 Midland, Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico, during crystal meth’s siege of the American Southwest underbelly, a woman struggles against cervical cancer.  She bides her time, traveling town-to-town on the tail end of a Merle Haggard tour, narrating the beauty of her story through his music. The pistol she carries, the drugs that surround her, and the people she faces all give her an option for an easy-out, but she fights to stay alive just long enough to get revenge on the man who took her family from her. She refuses to be a victim to anyone or any circumstance, taking full control and dictating the course of her fate. A truck, a gun, and a guitar: she is Chasing Hag.

The last First Chance.jpg
The Last First Chance: Sci-Fi Action-Drama 
Written by: Jonathan M. Ball 

LOGLINE:  A Pinocchio story with a sci-fi twist- 14 year old savant Minnesota Jenkins designs an artificially intelligent robot meant to help humanity, but his soul is transferred to the machine when he is murdered for his mechanical masterpiece.


SYNOPSIS: Minnesota Jenkins is a 14 year old genius going through high school for a second round, this time to learn how to be a normal kid. He’s on a mission to build the world’s first autonomous robot and help those in need, but his plans are curbed when he is mysteriously murdered for his machine. His spirit finds its way into the robot and makes a run from his home, from the cops, and from the menacing weapons manufacturer he knows is behind the murder plot. With the help of his best friend and his crush, Minnesota takes on the mystery of his death in a blend of super-action slapped in the face with teenaged gawkiness.

Legacy poster.jpg
LEGACY: The Butch O’Hare Story:   True Story / Drama / Action / War / Gangster
Written by: Jonathan M. Ball & Jody Hart

LOGLINE: On his path to the Medal of Honor, World War II Naval Aviator Butch O’Hare struggles with the marred legacy of his last name left to him by his father, “Easy Eddie”, Al Capone’s mob lawyer.


SYNOPSIS: In the early Pacific Islands Campaign of World War II, Butch O’Hare’s mind drifts between his new wife and his father’s dealings with Al Capone that nearly kept him from becoming a Naval Aviator. He recounts his father’s greedy pursuit to make a name for himself through the roaring 20’s, not realizing that a deal with the devil can’t be broken without blood on the table. The notorious legacy left to him by “Easy Eddie” becomes his drive for redemption and launches him into American history as the first Naval Aviator to earn the Congressional Medal of Honor for air-to-air combat. 


Legacy: The Butch O’Hare Story tells the history of one man’s misguided journey to the top of the mafia through the eyes of his son, the war hero who redeemed their family name.

Logan & Hoot.jpg
Logan & Hoot: Action
Written by: Jonathan M. Ball 

LOGLINE:  Former DEA Operators Logan & Hoot must face the sins of their past when their beloved ladies are kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartel, from which they stole millions of dollars while on the job.


SYNOPSIS: Steven Logan and Josh Hoot are former DEA Operators who managed to meet early retirement by making a series of smart investments netting millions in the bank. Their seed money, however, was stolen from the Dominguez drug cartel on a raid at the Mexican border. It was enough to start a new life for each. It was enough to keep them on the cartel’s radar for revenge. When Mona (Logan’s wife) and Tia (Hoot’s girlfriend) are kidnapped by the Dominguez gang, Logan and Hoot return to violent habits and clandestine favors to wage an all-out war against the cartel. An in-and-out rescue mission turns into bloody chaos as they tear through Mexico on their path from rescue to retaliation.

Black & Bleu copy.jpg
Black & Bleu: Action-Comedy
Written by: Jonathan M. Ball 

LOGLINE:  Retirement is a welcome breeze for former LAPD officers Black & Bleu until City Council corruption tears into their pension funds and brings them back on the force in a new millennial world not suited for the old guard.


SYNOPSIS: Jacob Black and Jackson Bleu are best friends and former LAPD partners on patrol. They are ripped out of retirement when City Council corruption leaves nothing in their pension funds and they are put back on patrol pending the investigation that will return their stolen money. Off the force and out of touch with the kinder-gentler approach to police work, they mix into the new crop of officers like oil and Metamucil. When one of their young team members is killed, Black & Bleu have to return to old school ghetto gunfighter ways to face the nemesis drug lord they were never able to take down before turning in the badge.

Aces Web logo.jpg
ACES:  Animation / Family / Action
Written by: Jonathan M. Ball 

 LOGLINE: A loner pigeon, named Paulie Pigone, has a history of getting in trouble for street racing. Trouble catches up to him again and he finds himself faced with serving time in the bird cage or joining the Air Corps. He takes the challenge and learns hard lessons about his personal limits, what it means to be a part of a team, and what it takes to become a hero in the high-flying family film ACES. 


SYNOPSIS: Aces is an animated feature that shows the world from a bird’s eye view and tells the story of a cocky, rebellious, Cool Hand Luke-type of pigeon, named Paulie Pigone. Paulie has spent his life in the city, raised by this mother and watched over by his father’s old wingman from the Air Corps. Paulie tries to do things his own way, a loner in his arrogance and his ability to outmaneuver nearly every bird in the sky. However, he gets into legal trouble after crashing during an aerial race and wakes up in the bird cage. At his trial, he is given the option to serve time in the cage or join the Air Corps. Paulie finds himself in basic training with birds from all over the country, from all flocks. He’s outside of his comfortable world of city pigeons. Not only must he learn how to fly with a fighter helmet and oxygen tank, he has to learn that he can’t take on the world alone. He has to learn to be part of a team as we build into his squad’s first mission, a rescue mission to save three squirrel brothers from Gegner, who has taken them hostage and is ransoming the squirrels for a winter food supply. Where Paulie was once self-serving, he learns to become the hero who would sacrifice anything to help his wingmen first. He learns to serve something greater than himself and gets to become better than he ever could on his own in Aces. 

Jody Hart

Jody Hart has 24 years of Entertainment Industry experience with 12 years experience as a Producer and Director.

Jody is an Award-Winning Producer and a Director. Jody served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1992 to 1996. After serving four years, he started his film career as a Props person and weapons handler on the TV show Pensacola Wings of Gold. Since then, Jody has become an Actor, Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator, Military Technical Advisor, Director, and Producer. He has worked on hundreds of TV shows, Movies, Commercials, and other multi-Media projects. His resume includes feature films like Capt. America – Winter Soldier, J. Edgar, G.I. Joe, Race to Witch Mountain, Black Ops, Waist Deep, and TV shows like Scandal, Grimm, Code Black, Justified, and Video Games like Call of Duty Black Ops, The Order 1886.

In 2001 Jody started Combat Casting, Inc. - the first casting company that represented real military veterans. Many of Combat Casting's members have become successful Actors, Stunt Performers, Writers, Directors, and Producers.


Combat Casting Film & TV credits include Captain America: Winter Soldier, Thor 2, Ironman 3, Agents of Shield, True Blood, Air Force, and Army Training Films, Call of Duty Endowment, G.I. Joe, Race To Witch Mountain, Smokin Aces, Next and TV shows include Sleeper Cell, Numbers, E-Ring, Alias, Crossing Jordan, Medium, The Unit, and many others.


In 2008 Jody produced a 30-minute video and over 2000 still photos for ITT Night Vision and their ENVG Product Marketing Campaign. After that, he was sub-contracted to produce several Interactive Training films for the US Army & Air Force. 


Jody has won 4 Telly Awards, 1 Stevie Award, and 1 Dave Award as Producer & Director.

You can see more of Jody's work on his website:

Jonathan Ball

Vice President

Executive Producer


Jonathan Ball served as a Sergeant with the 1st Marine Division, and deployed to Southeast Asia and the Middle East with 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment. 


In 2012  Jonathan began writing Operation: Jericho, his debut novel through New York publishing firm Morgan James Publishing, LLC. 


The driving force behind Operation: Jericho was Jonathan's intent to show that American heroes come in all colors.


He is a true believer in E Pluribus Unim, “From many we are one”, and wanted to create a story that showed Arab Americans and Muslim Americans as more than a stereotype; to show that love of one’s brother, love of country, and love of a woman see beyond anything that separates people in today’s torrential social climates.


Jonathan strives to tell original stories, from points of view that vary throughout the many walks of life. He believes deeply in the ability we all have to make a stand, to direct the course of life, and to do so beautifully. In that belief, he finds the inspiration for the stories he writes.


Jonathan is the writer of the award-winning short film “Of a Grateful Nation” and was nominated for Best Screenplay, Feel the Reel International Film Festival, January 2018.

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