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Short Film, Drama. (23m)

Logline: After losing his wife and young daughter, Gerald Jackson hides away from the world in a small cabin, but during a heavy winter storm, he is visited by a mysterious young woman who reminds him that his loved ones would want him to move on with his life and be happy.

Filmed in Bend, Oregon

This project started out as a short film project, but as Jody started building his team, The excitement built and ideas were thrown around which sparked the idea to develop the story into a TV Series titled "SAVIOR".

See below. 

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Drama, Family, Fantasy, Action

One Hour Episodic


Developed from the Short film "Winter"


After losing his wife and young daughter during a heavy winter storm, Gerald Jackson finds a new life specializing in Search and Rescue with the help of an angelic daughter, Ilana Jackson, who guides him to those lost in the Pacific Northwest.

(Oregon, Washington, Idaho.)


Central Oregon is known for its great outdoors with Mountains, rivers, lakes, and forest wildlife, and people are drawn to it year-round for activities like Fishing, Hiking, Rock Claiming / Repelling, Snow skiing, Mountain biking, Camping, White Water Rafting / Kayaking, Horseback riding, and Hot Air Balloon Rides. 

One wrong move can put even a professional’s life in danger, requiring highly skilled search and rescue teams to save them. 


TIME: Current Day (2023) 


LOCATION: Central Oregon and the Great Pacific Northwest. 

Search & Rescue
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